Isla Vista Riot II: April 18th, 1970

kevin moran plaque
The evening of April 18 saw Isla Vistans in the streets. With an assurance from Sheriff Webster that police would not enter Isla Vista, Associated Student Body President Bill James broadcast a request over KCSB for students to put out fires started by extremists. In response, three young men left their apartment to assist in calming the street situation. After putting out a fire at Taco Bell, they proceeded with others to the temporary Bank of America. They entered the broken glass door of the bank to put out a fire inside the structure.

Just then, a convoy of dump trucks bristling with riot police turned the corner and inched their way toward the bank. Having put out the fire, the three students started to exit. One of them, Kevin Moran, was shot and killed by a Santa Barbara City police officer as he stood at the broken door. The Sheriff's department immediately claimed Kevin had been shot by a “radical sniper” and issued an all points bulletin on the suspect, complete with a description of the “get away” car.

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