Isla Vista Riot I: Feb 25th

Why were students pissed off?

Support for Prof. Bill Allen
First, in 1969, 19 students were arrested as part of student demonstrations in support of Bill Allen, a UCSB anthropology professor whose political views aligned with students during the Vietnam war era.
Lefty Bryant arrested
Next, a BSU (Black Student Union) and United Front leader, Rashidi Ali, was arrested in Isla Vista, prompting renewed demonstrations in the streets after William Kunstler, Chicago 8 attorney, spoke to a large crowd in the campus stadium.
1R5 secret police out of IV
Finally, because of ongoing anti-war protests and local resentment against 6pm curfews and police brutality, students were getting the sense that they were part of a national scene, and were Isla Vistans as much as they were students.
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