Embryonic Journey
This is It is one perspective on the history and development of Isla Vista, and it is not meant to be conclusive or exhaustive. Its purpose is to prompt discussion and encourage debate. No official agency is responsible for its content.

Original material taken from the Isla Vista Slideshow, produced in 1972 by:
Eric Hutchins, Steve Logan, Leo Jacobsen
Writing, Photography, Musical arrangement

Additional Photography:
Lorie Bacon, Kevin Billinghurst, Marcus Borgman, Matt Delaney, The Gorillas, Katherine Gring, John Henry Franklin, Martin Kellogg, Lisa Morningfire, IVRPD, IVCC.

Slide Arrangement:
Eric Hutchins, Lisa Pompa, Jeff Walsh

Lisa Morningfire, Carrie Topliffe, Jeff Walsh

Studio Engineering:
Jim Nicholl, KCSB, Corey Dubin, Leslie Gilmore

Writers: Steve Logan, Leo Jacobsen; by: Eric Hutchins, Paul Pooley, Lisa Morningfire

Speaking credits:
Greg Knell, Associated Students UCSB

Music by:
The Rolling Stones---“Street Fighting Man”
Crosby, Stills and Nash---“Ohio”
Jefferson Airplane---“Embryonic Journey”

Web site layout/design:
Lisa Morningfire, Marcus Borgman

Web site production:
Marcus Borgman

Web site promotion:
Carmen Lodise, Lisa Morningfire

Isla Vista is a community in the making. It has been created from within by us. Its story is one of accomplishment and growth, and failure and decay. From the ashes there rose a vision of community; through action, love, respect, much of the vision has become reality. Yet the mechanisms of a community are so complex that its workings may never fully be understood.

Despite a lack of consensus about what has passed, and though we may not be exactly sure what we want for the future, there is a community today where before there was none. Nothing will ever be the same.